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mummy can't drive

there's too much inside...

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Name:mama karm
Birthdate:Nov 1
Location:Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States of America
i can't stop and i won't stop but it's fun to see people try

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ace attorney, agender, airstream trailers, alice in chains, alto sax, angelfish, anteaters, antebellum houses, anxiety, armin arlert, ash crimson, asmr, bees, being loved, biology, biting, black lipstick, black nail polish, bloodplay, bondage, bubble tea, catherine wheel, cemeteries, christmas lights, chronic pain, clairvoyance, colorforms, com truise, corpse paint, crocheting, demisexuality, depeche mode, dethklok, devo, dirt, drawing, drum corps international, eels, electric blankets, eyeliner, fleetwood mac, flogging, flower gardens, food network, freckles, fuckin' to the oldies, gary numan, general nastiness, glitter, glossolalia, gross kinks, harnesses, harp seals, herpetology, high heels, hill country blues, hole, horror, insects, inumuta houka, kiss, knots, kraftwerk, kurt cobain, layne staley, levi ackerman, lingerie, lisa frank, london, makeup, manfred von karma, marching band uniforms, maxie, mayhem, megane, memorials, mental illness, metal gear, miles edgeworth, monsoon, morrissey, moths, nail art, nirvana, parrots, pegging, pennyroyal tea, per ohlin, petrichor, phone sex, pine trees, pinnipeds, platform shoes, pokemon omega ruby, pornography, quaker parrots, r.l. burnside, rainbow brite, rammstein, ratt, recovery, religious fetishism, richard butler, riding crops, ron delite, scandinavian metal gods, sci-fi, self-insertion, self-love, shirley manson, silence of the lambs, skid row, sleeping, sloths, smooth jazz, smut, sollux captor, south park, speaking german, spontaneous combustion, stand by me, stephen king, sushi, sweaters, sympathy cards, tarot, tattoos, tea, texas, thai food, the cult, the green mile, the psychedelic furs, thunderstorms, type o negative, uniform fetish, united kingdom, vivienne westwood, writing
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